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Outlier interactive dashboard
An interactive version of the Outlier Report that uses data from FDIC Statistics on Depository Institution (SDI) and highlights outliers based on key ratios. The dashboard allows the user to drill down to a specific bank to analyze bank performance trends over time.
(Requires CSBS Business Intelligence account)
Accreditation dashboard
An interactive dashboard based on the data from Section I of the Profile of State Chartered Banking to compare state responses to the National Average.
(Requires CSBS Business Intelligence account)
Bank at a Glance dashboard
A stand-alone and interactive bank analysis dashboard which can be used in conjunction with the Outlier dashboard, or the Examiner’s One-Pager to provide more detailed analysis of a bank by presenting a larger number of metrics and to allow perform multi-year trend analysis.
(Requires CSBS Business Intelligence account)
Examiner’s One-Pager
For the examiners on the go, this provides a quick and printer-friendly one-page summary of important ratios on a bank and compares with the last time the bank was examined. The summary metrics cover liquidity, asset quality, concentration, capital adequacy, earnings, and loan portfolio composition.
(Requires CSBS Business Intelligence account)
State’s One-Pager
A high level overview of the state of a state by compiling and aggregating the metrics from the Outlier report, and providing year over year comparison and ranking of the state in the nation.
(Requires CSBS Business Intelligence account)
Self-Service Analytics
Self-service analytics capability allows the users of the business intelligence system to access the underlying data in our database. It enables the end users to perform ad-hoc analysis and on-demand data visualization, create custom metrics, custom thresholds, and custom grouping (e.g., peer groups). Self-service analytics can be accessed via the web portal (Visual Insight) or local machine (MicroStrategy Desktop or Excel add-on).
(Requires CSBS Business Intelligence account)
Consolidated Industry Dashboard
A conglomeration of several interactive dashboards that provide aggregate information about banking industry as well as the trends in assets, deposits, bank consolidation, and small business lending. These dashboards provide data over 40 quarters, at national level as well as individual state level. A list of dashboards within this tool include: Consolidated Assets dashboard, Consolidated Deposit dashboard, Consolidated Asset Trend by Charter Type, Consolidated Small Business Lending, and Bank Asset Heatmap.
(Requires CSBS Business Intelligence account)
State Interactive Dashboard
An interactive dashboard that provides a high level and aggregate view of a state’s banks performance and the trend over time. The dashboard provides a high level view of a state by compiling and aggregating the metrics from the Outlier report, and providing historical performance trend over time and the ranking of the state in the nation based on various ratios. The dashboard allows to further drill down to the list of individual banks comprising each threshold band and to further drill down to the Bank at a Glance dashboard for a selected bank.
(Requires CSBS Business Intelligence account)
Excel Framework with MicroStrategy Plugin
An Excel framework and plug-in (PDF Manual) to pull data from CSBS Business Intelligence, allowing to generate excel-based customized reports, combine confidential supervisory data, and set or change thresholds.
(Requires MicroStrategy Excel add-on)
Industry Composition
The report shows how many institutions are classified as community banks and provides breakouts between state chartered and national banks. In addition, the report breaks out banks in these categories by asset size to show how different size banks are distributed. Note: The Q2 2018 version of this report will be available in mid-September when the full Q2 call report data set is released.
(Requires CSBS Business Intelligence account)
Salary Dashboard
Available to the state commissioners only.
The Salary Dashboard is based on the most recent Profile data (for state employees) and the data from the Office of Personal Management (for federal employees). The Dashboard provides a comparative analysis of salaries of the state banking departments employees versus their counterparts in the federal space with the goal of helping narrowing the gap between the state and federal employees.


Marijuana Legislative Tracker and Licensing Map
An online interactive map and decision support tool to track Marijuana legislative and licensing across the states. The interactive map provides a quick way for the examiners and regulators to see what licenses are required for the states that allow medical or recreational use of Marijuana.
State Examiners Workforce Benchmarking
Available to the regulators by request.
The Analytics team has developed a statistical regression model to benchmark the number of examiners of each state based on the number institutions supervised and the total assets under supervision. The model assists states determine if they are potentially understaffed when compared to other states based on the benchmark model.
Profile of State Chartered Banking
In collaboration with Appian, the Analytics team has been engaged in the modernization of the Profile of State Chartered Banking to make it more user and developer friendly, and allow to capture more reliable data along with reporting capabilities.
(Requires CSBS account)
National Survey of Community Banks
Available by request.
The Analytics team has been analyzing and providing weekly reports based on the responses received from the National Survey of Community Banks. The survey ran from April 28 to July 28, 2017 with the final report being published on August 17, 2017.
Archived Reports for Profile of State Chartered Banking
The Profile is a compendium of information on the structure and condition of our nation’s state bank regulatory system. The reports are based upon data provided by the state banking departments. This data should not be considered as the basis for legal advice. The Profile of State-Chartered Banking draws its information exclusively from the state banking departments. CSBS gratefully acknowledges the state banking departments’ invaluable assistance and support in this effort.
(Requires account)
Non-Depository State Licensing Map
An interactive map and decision support tool to show the type and number of non-depository licenses offered by each state.
(coming soon...)
Examiner Resource Tool
Available to the regulators by request.
The tool provides a model to estimate the number of examination-hours required to complete the state bank examinations in each state. The purpose of the tool is to provide a method for evaluating the number of examiners available to conduct examinations in a particular state and benchmarking state resources against FDIC resource estimates or other states. The prototype model is based on information from CSBS Profile of State Chartered Banking, Call Report Data, and the FDIC examination time benchmarks.
Map for Opening a Youth Savings Account
An online, interactive map outlining the requirements in each state for opening a bank account for a minor. It provides information that banks can use to better understand state-specific laws on providing bank accounts to minors. Using this information, financial institutions can better determine whether, and to what extent, they are able to provide minor bank accounts. For instance, the map identifies which states explicitly permit youth accounts without conditions, states that permit these accounts but have conditions such as parental consent, and states that are silent on the matter.
Community Banks Merger and Acquisition Analysis
Available to the regulators by request.
Based on the results of National Survey of Community Banks and the responses on merger and acquisition questions, this analysis tries to bring to light the profile of banks biding on a merger or being targeted to sell.

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